We are gonna what?

That's right! We are hosting our very first ice cream licking competition! Each competitor will receive a 3oz cup of Circle N Dairy ice cream with a pendant at the bottom. The first person to reach the pendant and pull it out using only their mouth (NO HANDS) wins $100!!! Easy peasy and messy fun! All ages welcome and only 20 competitors can compete! SIGN UP NOW!!!!

Join us for another fun and exciting event at the Arlington Foodies Farmer's Market!

Tasters and competitors will pay $10 to join this event to support the Farmer's Market!

Do you think you reach the rabbit at the bottom of a 3 oz cup of Circle N Dairy Ice Cream First?

Winner gets a plaque and $100, there will only be one winner, no 2nd or third place!

Once you sign up an invoice will be sent to you. Please be at the market and signed in by 2:45PM!