Farmers Market Vendor Guidelines for Social Distancing

  1. We ARE social distancing. If you have a mask, please wear it. Gloves, hand sanitizer, use them. We will have 2 hand washing stations food gloves, and all of us need to actively remind patrons we are social distancing and gently reference 6ft please. They don't follow it, okay, but we try. Over prepared is better than regret.
    We are apolitical, meaning we don't even wanna discuss all. Let's have some fun.
  2. YOU NEED LIGHTS, (even under the pavilions). BATTERY POWERED IS BETTER. but we do have electricity. bring your own power strips and extension cords.
    Arrive by 5PM. We load in from the NORTH unless you are a food truck or personally I have discussed otherwise. There will be people there to help with the travel.
    Be Gone By 10PM. We may load up from the South exit, so when you park, park at Texas Appliance or in the designated areas on the parking Map. Food Trucks will have an easy exit when the market is finished, so plenty of spacing for parking closer.
  3. Patrons of the market have a designated alcohol area. If a vendor wants a beer, I am not going to begrudge you, just keep it covered or out of the way so as to not raise concerns or bring awareness to outside the designated area.
  4. Cleanliness is of the utmost importance at our market and we leave it better than we found it. Grey water is properly disposed of and no grease dumping whatsoever. This is the crown jewel of THE CROWN JEWEL, so we MUST leave it pristine. So please, help us be proactive in clean do your part, and a couple of cups on the ground. Be proud of your market and venue because it really is a gift.
  5. Have your paperwork prepared and handy and know where you are to go when you get there. Have food handlers, and county permits square if you got them.
  6. Pay as soon as you know you wanna join and see your name on the list. Those who paid for March roll over, Annuals roll over 3 months (ouch). Pay at
  7. Know someone who would like to sponsor the market? $500 for the year or $50 per month plus they buy their sign for $25.

Please ask questions. Communication will be our key to a successful event. Contact Jennifer Hurley, Launa Virgo or Andrea Orr-Gilroy