Who are the Arlington Foodies?

The Arlington Foodies is a "secret" Arlington, Texas based facebook foodie community designed to help build and grow our local venues while establishing a friendly, fun atmosphere for the city's residents. 

A special thanks to Arlington Citizen Media for interviewing owner and creator Jennifer Savage Hurley about Arlington Foodies. Click play to hear her segment of the interview.


Why are you Secret?

We became a secret group because we became so popular in Arlington that people were collecting the data of our members and mass emailing and spamming our group members, posing as the foodies and asking members for money. In an effort to protect our member's identities, we made the board "secret".

What Does the Arlington Foodies Do?

The Arlington Foodies work to build a better community in Arlington utilizing food as our main catapult to success. Our group consists of Diners and Restaurant owners as well as Grocers and wholesale food distributors. All working together to create a local mecca in Arlington while opening the door to new and exciting "healthy" solutions within Arlington. We are a positive atmosphere promoting kindness and respect as well as restaurant dining etiquette so that we all work together to show Arlington in the best light! We hope you are looking to do the same and welcome you to join our secret facebook group for free. To join, email letmein@arlingtonfoodies.com or find our facebook page by clicking on the link to the left of the screen and requesting to join our "secret" group.

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