What Is Swarm Dining?

Click the links below to learn about Arlington Foodies' three types of  swarms:

1. Value Swarm

2. Swarm Choice Award

3. Best Of Swarm

Swarm dining is when a community gathers together to support a restaurant by dining on a chosen day. The goal is to essentially “blow up” their social media with reviews and images of the food you have received during your visit to said restaurant. Good, bad or indifferent, your words matter.

How does one “blow up” social media? It’s simple, really. Find their yelp, facebook, twitter, google places and foursquare and review the meal you have just received. It is important to hit as many social media outlets for the restaurant to provide a healthy review for their page. A good organizer will provide several proper social media links for easy reviewing on the day of the swarm dining experience. This organizer will be sure to help provide these links on our designated day of swarming. Foursquare offers badges for swarms of a certain amount. 

In the case of Arlington Foodies, we are using swarm dining as a “reward” system for the restaurant for whom we hold in high regard. So, being thorough is important to promote their successes and productivity. Thank you so much for participating in our “swarm dining”. We hope to make this a tradition among our community. Let’s have fun with this and hope it helps validate some of our favorite hang outs. After all, if we chose them, they must be doing “something” right, yes?